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Via Cadolini 7, 21013 Gallarate (Varese), Italia - -

Best beauty salon in Gallarate

I've lived in it MY WAY ... How wonderful the magic words of the most famous song ever! Exactly as Sinatra describes in his absolute masterpiece, ROCCO, FILLY and LUCIA creating their salon they DID MADE THEM.
Husband, wife and twin sister have given body and soul to a unique place where tradition and innovation come together giving life to a magical place where the relationship with customers reaches absolute excellence.

An oasis of 500 square meters in the heart of a city, a place to take refuge, relax and let yourself be pampered by the skilled hands of qualified and experienced professionals whose sole objective is to take care of customers by enhancing their image and figure by touching the ropes of the soul itself.
My Way 9.9 has been skilfully studied, unlike a traditional salon, with a holistic view of customer needs: five separate but synergistic areas offer customers the best they can have on the market today: Hairstyling, Nails, Beauty and Party, boutique and Spa.
Five corners of paradise designed and managed in such a way as to make customers feel like queens, sure to be treated with products of the highest quality.
Guarantee of this maniacal attention to the quality of the products used are the close collaboration of the beauty department with Z-one Concept, of which the partner ROCCO LONGOBARDI is an international testimonial, and of the aesthetic department with the famous company Revivre.
A special mention deserves then the area dedicated to well-being, where the magical atmosphere a little baroque is enhanced by huge mirrors and soft armchairs, where real "beauty rooms" welcome customers by inducing them to relax, after enjoying a relaxing experience in the whirlpool tub, preceded by a Finnish sauna followed by a chromotherapy shower ... it is clear that then you face life in a different way!
My Way 9.9 a place in my own way that turns into a place in our own way simply enjoying all its service, no one excluded, between excellence and magnificence you can not choose.

Dreams are desires for happiness, recites the song of Cinderella and is the pure truth; if you think of the dream of every child on the day of her birthday, what comes to mind? Guessed: be the princess of fairy tales served by a staff whose sole purpose is to make it beautiful by having fun with her trusted bridesmaids, companions of a thousand adventures. And that of the queen mother? See in the eyes of her own little girl that happy and carefree expression filled with joy that she would like to capture every day of her life on the face of her little angel. All this would be nice, if only it could be realized, if there was a magical fairy that made it real with a snap of magic wand. Well, open your eyes and fill your hearts with hope, today the beautiful fairy Filly has opened the room of the wonders of her palace to the good children of the whole world!
Filly, one of the three partners of My Way 9.9 and wife of Rocco, has indeed had the brilliant idea to reserve an important department of the salon to accommodate the beauty parties dedicated to girls aged 6 to 14 years and girls from 15 to 18. < br /> These are occasions where the celebrated participants or guests, depending on their age, are offered a complete service of wigs, manicures and pedicures with nail polish, aperitif with make-up, eyebrows, peeling, facial cleansing, application of colored locks, dresses princesses and much, much more.
All in a Barbie style setting, where white and all the possible variations of pink from candy to fuchsia triumph, from pink powder to Schiapparelli pink, with baroque furnishings but in pastel shades: as if Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine they decided to go to live and decorate their castle personally, it's really worth seeing!
An ideal place to live differently the parties between girls and girls, but also an important occasion mother-daughter, with the option "my mother", to spend a precious hour between mother and daughter cuddled by two personal assistants. .. an opportunity that would be worth trying.



Via Cadolini 7
21013 Gallarate (Varese), Italy
Tel. 0331 783501