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Fashion hair is always in constant motion and especially for what concerns the new hair information: for spring and especially for the summer, the latest informations in hair trends want the bangs and the clump that will be the protagonists of hair fashion spring summer 2015, confirming once again as fixed points of the hairdressers, in the fashion sector. The stars, on the other hand, are clear examples of how a fringe can completely change the style of the hair cuts. The information advice of hairdressers, when you decide to have a cut that includes a fringe, is to consider the type of hair, the thin ones, hairdressers prefer fringes climbing, that give volume to the hair, while for those with hair full of body, it tends to prefer the k ind of net or long fringe that looks like a lock. They will tend to two novelties of fringes from which to copy the kind of hairstyle most congenial of the period. To fit the shape of the face and the look you want to take stands straight fringe with graphic lines and well-defined geometry, which give a style rather unconventional. This fringe, hairdressers, advise both on a cut long and smooth, that on the average of all kinds. Always in vogue, is the so-called fringe at heart, open front and full-bodied; it can define an evergreen adaptable to many types of hairstyles, like bangs show that in most cases is chosen to enrich helmets, lob or pixie cuts. To find a romantic look, clearly inspired by vintage style, another novelty this year is very short and straight bangs open on the sides. Regarding the clump, hairdressers consider him a little 'plus to put on each cut: what will still be long and voluminous or the version parade with the tips of at abut how the two types of tuft considered trendy and current in fashion hair. Continue to follow for all the latest updates on new hair cuts.

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